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Founded in 1993, PKF Munkebo Eriksen Funch now has about 25 employees - three of whom are state-authorised public accountants. Our accountants range from recent graduates to staff with 50 years of experience. We represent levels of education from the Higher Commercial Examination (HHX), through BSc in Business Administration (HA) and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) to MSc in Business Economics and Auditing. Many of our staff are studying to become state-authorised public accountants.


We are members of Revisorgruppen Danmark, Denmark's largest and strongest association of independent accountants.
We are also co-owners of ReviTax A/S, which specialises in tax law and tax advice. ReviTax A/S has about 15 employees specialising in national and international tax law.

Our offices are based in Glostrup west of Copenhagen – just half an hour's drive from Copenhagen Airport, an international travel hub. We service clients all over Denmark.