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Almost all commercial enterprises are required to prepare accounts or financial statements. Some companies, including public limited companies (A/S), and private limited companies (ApS), etc., are subject to the rules of the Danish Financial Statements Act.

Many companies lack the expertise or resources to compile financial statements that meet the multi-faceted and detailed provisions of Danish law in this field.

We are happy to take over the job of preparing financial statements. Although many companies consider financial statements a completely natural aspect of an accountant's work, the financial statements are actually the responsibility of the company.

We have extensive experience of preparing annual reports for companies as well as accounts for sole proprietorships, partnerships, funds, cooperative housing societies and other business entities. Our highly skilled employees have the experience and insight to ensure that financial statements and annual reports comply fully with statutory requirements. Our in-house, competence-specific departments contribute input on a continuous basis to ensure that any changes in legislation are accommodated in our concepts and standards.

We take pride in communicating the contents of the financial statements to our clients in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. And we agree with the client which resources the client wishes to contribute to the preparation of the financial statement or annual report. This ensures that the client performs just the tasks they wish and are able to perform, whilst minimizing the costs of external assistance as much as possible.